Aluminum Trim Installation

Because of its caulk-free, ecologically aware, and modern look, aluminum trim has become a favorite choice in many new homes. Aluminum trim's low profile and anodized finish make it the ideal accent for anyone building a new house or wanting a modern upgrade to their existing home. Siding PD provides high-quality aluminum trim installations for your home or business.  Aluminum trim eliminates the risk of rotting or mold that can occur with other trim alternatives due to its caulk-free application.

Choosing the appropriate aluminum trim for your house or business is easy with JA Contractors. Our trims can be color-matched to create a seamless look, or used as a contrast color to draw attention to your siding. Aluminum trim is a great way to make a statement in your home. Aluminum trim is a popular choice for both new and old homes because of its great all-weather performance, durability, and value.

Typically, the trim is put beneath gutters to prevent water from entering beneath the rafters. Aluminum is a common choice for this trim since it is more sturdy and long-lasting than other materials. It can also be utilized as a decorative addition in the home to update the look of a room.

When it comes to aluminum trim, you have two options:

  • Indoors, such as baseboards and crown molding
  • Outdoors, such as soffits, fascia, and rake.

Outdoor and interior trim, such as casings around windows and doors, may be required in various areas of the house.

One of the best methods to protect your home and roof from water damage and the elements is to use aluminum trim. It also acts as a deterrent to bugs from entering the house. Its long-term durability and ability to tolerate harsh environments make it a popular choice. Furthermore, it can give your home a particular finish that will make it appear more inviting. There are many different types of trim to pick from, depending on where you want it installed in your home.

The style of trim you choose is mostly determined by the appearance you want to achieve and the position of the trim. Each type's installation differs depending on the materials required, how they are attached, and where they are installed. The types of interior trim are listed below.

Interior Aluminum Trim

Aluminum Chair Rail

It's made to give your walls an extra layer of protection in the places where they're most vulnerable to damage. It can also be utilized as a decorative element, to break up paint colors, or to give a more modern look. It's usually cut from huge aluminum sheets and comes in thicknesses of 4", 6", and 8". Depending on your installation preference, you can have it with drill holes or with an adhesive strip.

Aluminum Baseboard Trim

Because of its endurance, many homeowners prefer to add aluminum trim around their baseboards. It can protect the baseboard area from scuffs and dents, as well as the wall if there is water on the floor. It's also popular since it's easy to clean and gives a room a fresh, contemporary vibe.

Aluminum Wainscotting

Aluminum wainscotting is a popular choice for interior wall decoration. It can be utilized to create a distinct look or to break up a room's color scheme. They're decorative aluminum sheets with a hammered-in design that usually cover roughly half of a wall from floor to ceiling. Aluminum wainscotting can also protect the walls it is installed on, however this is not its primary role.

Aluminum Picture Rail

Aluminum picture rail is a wall accent that holds hanging photographs and wall art in place. They come in a variety of shapes, ranging from entirely rounded to square to a mix of the two. Many choices have an open area where photos and artwork can be hung. This type of trim is most typically seen on large interior walls.

Aluminum Crown Molding

While aluminum crown molding is most commonly used on the inside of a home, such as in the kitchen, it can also be used on the outside of a home, such as on garages. It is frequently picked because of its distinct appearance. Even though it is mostly aesthetic, it aids in the prevention of water intrusion into the walls. Aluminum crown molding is available in a variety of styles.

Exterior Aluminum Trim

While the primary function of outside trim is to protect your home and roof, it also gives your home a more modern, updated appearance. The majority of external trim materials are chosen for their longevity, simplicity of maintenance, and aesthetic qualities. When it comes to exterior trim, there are a variety of options to choose from. Some will be picked based on their appearance, while others will be chosen based on the installation's location. The cost per linear foot of popular aluminum exterior trim is listed below, without installation.

Aluminum Rake Trim

The most common application of aluminum rake trim is to flash the endwall edge of overhangs. This sort of trim is popular because of its longevity and clean, sleek appearance. Aluminum rake trim is available in a variety of colors and lengths, with 10 and 12 feet being the most prevalent.

Aluminum Drip Cap

To keep moisture out of windows, an aluminum window drip cap is fitted along the outside. It can also be used to add security to outdoor doorways. It is rust-resistant and long-lasting, with a lifespan that is substantially longer than that of other types of window trim.

Aluminum Frieze Board

Frieze board comes in strips and is used on the exterior of your property to produce polished and visually beautiful seams and corners. It usually runs along the seam between the siding and the soffit. You'll obtain a more durable finish and better protection by connecting these two sections together.

Aluminum Outside Corner Trim

The name of this trim suggests what it does: it trims an outer corner. Instead of stitching together lengthier aluminum trim pieces, this trim fits around the corners of your home's exterior to produce a more finished effect. It also has the added benefit of giving additional corner protection. It features a unique arrow-like appearance that makes it easy to recognize.

Aluminum Quarter Round

The rounded edge of aluminum quarter round and quarter round aluminum extrusions distinguishes them. They will be connected together by a spherical component that has two flat edges. Because it creates a smooth rounded shape once placed, this trim can have a remarkable effect. It won't have any sharp edges, which means it'll be safer. The cost of aluminum quarter round is determined by the linear foot.

Aluminum Fascia Board

Pre-formed aluminum fascia is meant to cover your existing wood fascia and add durability. From the drip edge to the soffit, fascia boards will be installed. It comes in a variety of colors to match your decor. It's frequently utilized to modernize a home's façade while also making cleaning easier.

Aluminum Casing Trim

Aluminum casing trim is a type of aluminum trim that is designed to cover existing trim, such as wood trim. It improves the current trim's durability and weather resistance. Other advantages include the ease with which it may be installed and maintained compared to traditional wood trim. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to personalize the look of your trim.

Aluminum Channel Trim

The striking characteristic of aluminum channel trim makes it easy to detect. It's in the shape of a U, with flat aluminum parts on three sides forming a channel. They can be applied to structural and architectural projects. They provide additional support and give your home a modern, streamlined appearance.

J Trim Aluminum

Aluminum J channels are used to keep aluminum soffit channels in place and provide support. They have a distinct appearance, with a hemmed bottom that creates a fitting edge without being too sharp. Rust-resistant extruded aluminum J channels are also engineered to have a long-lasting, clean look. It's intended for use on your home's straight surfaces, such as panels. White aluminum J channel and J channel with an aluminum finish are lightweight and can be slid onto an edge with ease, offering a tight hold on all three sides. You can also use screw-in J channel choices if you wish. Some will come with mounting holes and fasteners, while others will need to be drilled. The only major disadvantage to this trim type is that it can be damaged or dented, which detracts from its overall appeal.

Other Aluminum Trim

Aluminum house trim

Aluminum house trim can be used in a variety of locations throughout your home to provide increased protection and a more modern appearance. Exterior aluminum trim is used to protect your property from water and vermin around the roofline, windows, and entryways. Interior aluminum trim can also be used to give additional protection on the inside and outside of doors and windows. The most popular aluminum trim locations around the home are listed here, along with the average cost to install it in each area.

Aluminum Trim Around Windows

As an added layer of protection against the elements, aluminum exterior window trim is frequently used. It provides an additional barrier to assist you keep a pleasant temperature inside your home by preventing water from entering through the windows. It's highly tough, allowing it to withstand severe weather without being harmed. Aluminum trim is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to create the perfect customized look for your home.

Aluminum exterior door trim and window aluminum trim

Aluminum exterior door trim and window aluminum trim help give your home's outside a consistent, modern look. Aluminum door trim molding improves the seal of your doors, protects them from water, and keeps pests out of the space around the entry. Aluminum trim can be put on the inside of your door to improve the seal and give it a more polished appearance. It's also simple to clean, which is useful for high-touch areas like door trim.

Aluminum Trim Around Garage Door

It can be a terrific strategy to protect both the exterior of your home and the garage door if you replace or install aluminum trim around the garage door. Because of its longevity, aluminum is an excellent choice for trimming a garage door both inside and out. Because garages are popular areas for pests to hide from the natural elements, aluminum trim around your garage door can be especially advantageous if you live in a region with a lot of pests.