Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For All Jobs

A custom sheet metal fabrication shop specializing in copper work for commercial and residential purposes is available through JA Contractors. We make a wide range of goods out of various metals. For plumbing contractors and homeowners, we also make custom shower and utility pans. We take pleasure in providing prompt service and high-quality workmanship.

Some of the fixtures we can custom fabricate:

  • Aluminum chimney cap
  • Aluminum chimney cap-side mount
  • Architectural Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels
  • Cohasset entry roof
  • Concave copper entry
  • Concave copper standing seam entry
  • Copper barrel dormer
  • Copper bay standing seam
  • Copper chimney cap
  • Copper chimney cap
  • Copper gutter job
  • Copper planter any size
  • Copper turbine roof vent
  • Custom copper gutter
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for Roofing Components
  • Dimpled copper countertop
  • Double bead half round gutters in any size
  • Flat lock barrel roof
  • Gable roof/attic vent
  • Gravel stop/edge metal any size/metal/color
  • Lead coated copper eyebrow
  • Louvers-any shape/size/metal
  • Standing seam cap
  • Standing seam copper barrel roof
  • Standing seam copper bay
  • Standing seam copper entry
  • Standing seam copper ice belt panels with gutter
  • Steel 3-rail snowguard for slate
  • Top mount chimney cap
  • Ventilator

For roofing jobs of any scale, JA Contractors provides high-quality, precise sheet metal fabrication. We are a fully qualified and insured sheet metal fabrication company that specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication for roofers and general contractors working on commercial and residential projects. When it comes to sheet metal fabrication for roofing and building projects, we are the go-to fabrication company for convenient and on-demand solutions.

Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fabrication choices vary widely based on the hardness and other characteristics of a metal. Copper and copper alloys, on the other hand, offer properties that make sheet metal manufacturing very simple for enterprises with the right equipment and techniques.

Copper's Characteristics and Common Applications

Copper has a number of properties that make it an excellent choice for sheet metal manufacturing. Copper has a number of distinguishing features, including:

  • Malleable nature that makes it easy to shape
  • Excellent electrical and heat conductivity
  • Slow corrosion rate.

These characteristics have prompted a variety of sectors to adopt copper in applications such as:

  • Roofing and guttering
  • Making wires for electrical equipment and vehicles
  • Developing electromagnets, heat sinks, and vacuum tubes
  • Cables used in telecommunications equipment
  • Improving renewable energy technologies

However, before you can receive the copper items you require, you must first choose a company that has experience producing copper sheet metal. Otherwise, you risk receiving sheet metal that won't hold up to the test of time.

Types of Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

To satisfy your demands, JA Contractors offers a variety of copper sheet metal fabrication services. Among the most popular services are:

  • Copper sheet metal forming
  • Copper sheet metal bending
  • Copper sheet metal rolling
  • Copper sheet metal stamping
  • Copper Sheet Metal Bending

JA Contractors’ sheet metal bending machines make it possible for you to get copper sheet metal that has been:

  • A specific bend radius
  • The bend angle that you need for your sheet metal
  • A bend located in a precise area of the copper sheet

Copper Sheet Metal Rolling

Rolling sheet metal involves putting sheets between two constantly spinning rolls. The process can:

  • Reduce the thickness of your copper sheet metal
  • Alter the grain structure of your copper sheet metal

Rolling sheet metal poses a danger of introducing flaws. Because of JA Contractors' expertise in this field, you can rest assured that you will receive the services you require without any faults that could jeopardize your project.

Copper Sheet Metal Stamping

JA Contractors uses two sheet metal stamping techniques: hydraulic and mechanic. The option used for your copper sheet metal will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • The thickness of your copper
  • The shape that you want stamped from the sheet
  • Your project's budget's constraints

Custom fabrication projects may also involve:

  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Finishing
  • Storage

When you choose a reliable, experienced company, you shouldn't have any problems with copper sheet metal fabrication.