1. All About Asphalt Roofing Shingles

• “3-Tab” Roofing Shingles

• Architectural Roofing Shingles

• Impact-Resistant Roofing Shingles

• “Cool Roof” Heat Resistant Shingles

• Specialty Roofing Shingles

2. Do I Need A New Roof?

3. SPOTLIGHT: GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles

4. Why Choose Licensed, Factory-Certified, Insured and LOCAL Contractors

5. SPOTLIGHT: How We Protect Your Home With  “Catch-All” Protection System

6. JA Contractors: Our Specialties

7. COMING SOON: Solar integration, Power Storage Units, and more!

Asphalt shingles are a beautiful, affordable and reliable roofing solution for any home. There’s a variety of styles, textures, and colors to choose from, and they are cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain. 

Some varieties of asphalt shingles are manufactured to resemble tile, wood, cedar shakes or slate, but providing all the benefits of asphalt. Metal or concrete tiles are no match for asphalt roofing’s overall beauty, durability and longevity. They are also easier to install and maintain.  


3-tab shingles give a very distinctive look to any roof. Recognizable by their traditional repeating rectangular shape. They provide a clean, symmetrical look and are also less expensive than other asphalt shingle options. 

Installation requires the kind of craftsmanlike expertise you can expect from JA Contractors to ensure the “slots” between the shingles are straight. 






A premium choice of asphalt shingle, architectural roofing shingles are also referred to as “dimensional shingles” or “laminated shingles” because the laminated double-shingle-layer provides a dimensional look. They’re also available in varying shapes and sizes, so roofs covered in architectural shingles will look great and not cookie-cutter. 

These shingles even have a longer warranty than others due to their thickness. Some brands are even rated to resist higher wind speeds 



Impact-resistant shingles are are reinforced to withstand impact from hail or other debris that might hit your roof. They are the strongest class of asphalt shingle, and surprisingly economical – many insurance companies will give a discount on your homeowner’s policy if they are used. 

This strong resistance is achieved a few different ways: 

Some asphalt shingles are reinforced with a polymer mesh backing which is embedded directly into the asphalt and acts as a skeleton, holding the shingle together. This prevents the shingle from splitting when hit by hail or other debris. 

Other shingles integrate asphalt with polymers such as styrene-butadiene-styrene (or SBS) which adds a rubberizing effect to the shingles. 

These modifications increase the shingle’s ability to absorb the energy from a hailstone, or another source of impact, which helps to reduce the intensity of cracking, denting, or other types of damage

Look for UL2218 Class 4 shingles when selecting an impact-resistant shingle. Only UL has developed this rating, confirming that the shingle can withstand the force of a 20-lb ball dropped at 90 mph from 12 to 20 feet high. 


Covered with sunlight-reflecting particles, COOL roofing shingles help make your home more energy-efficient by decreasing heat absorption through the roof.  


Your shingles are the barrier between your home and the elements, and when the sun is shining, your shingles are baking. A fraction of the sun’s energy is reflected off the roof (“solar reflectance”) and some heat is absorbed into the house. “Thermal Emittance” is your roof’s ability to radiate back any absorbed heat. 

The reflective particles in cool roof shingles increase both solar reflectance and thermal emittance, drastically reducing heat absorbed into the home. 


Specialty shingles come in bolder colors and styles that mimic other roofing materials, such as tile, contemporary slate or wood shake.  

They offer beautiful, durable style and the average specialty shingle carries a 50 year to LIFETIME warranty. 

Your roof doesn’t need to fail in order to need replacement. A roof can naturally reach the end of its useful life. It looks old and worn. You’ve thought about whether it’s time for a new roof, but it’s not giving you any problems now, so why not wait a little longer?  

Simple. It could result in bigger problems down the road, and possibly at a much less convenient time.  

Here are questions to ask yourself if you think you need a new roof:

1. Are my shingle edges curling, or are the tabs “cupped? 

2. Do any shingles show missing granules or “bald spots”? 

3. Are any of my shingles cracked? 

4. Is my roof older than 20 years? 

5. Does my roof just look old and worn out? 

6. Are my neighbors getting new roofs?  

7. Are there dark or green algae streaks on the shingles?

8. Is moss growing on my roof? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, it's time to have your roof inspected. 


More homeowners in North America rely on Timberline® Shingles than any other brand. They offer just the right combination of beauty, performance, and reliability — and are the best value in roofing today.

Learn more about the same shingle you know and love, now with LayerLock Technology, which powers the industry’s widest nail zone and first wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation.

JAC is proud to be a GAF-factory certified contractor, trained for brand-approved installation.

Available in many attractive colors, some of which are available below:








It’s important to work with a contractor you can trust. Roofers and repair companies are likely to be busy after a large regional storm and may try to compete for your business by offering discounts or deals. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you found us from outside your service area, a good place to start your research is with the NRCA. If you’re within the Memphis region, contact us for a FREE, no-obligation estimate.

JA Contractors is licensed, bonded, manufacturer certified and our expert inspectors can:



We take the "protect" in our motto seriously when we work on your jobsite. To ensure that debris from roofing work stays off your property, we use Catch-All Gutter & Landscaping Protection Systems .

Catch-All is an elegant draping system that leans against the house and protects it and your surroundings from any debris dropping from the roof while it's being worked on.







ROOFING: A key JAC initiative, we’re dedicated to securing rooftops against the challenges of changing weather patterns in the region. 

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We at JAC are at the forefront of next-generation technology, and we're responsive to the evolving needs of the homeowners of today and tomorrow. Solar panel and home power-storage units are tech that we are currently training our roofing experts to install in any home.